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The Industry in general Endeavors to standardize seal profiles and Dimensions in order to reduce inventories but Different number of parameters acting upon a seal in a huge variety of application makes it impossible to design one profile or sealing system that would work everywhere. In general a satisfy solution can only be achieved by tailoring a profile or sealing system that meets the required specification.


At Mohandesi Farapardaz Arvand (Seal Jet Iran)  we offer :

  • Sealing solutions tailored to your specifications
  • Partnership from the design phase to serial production
  • Just-in-time manufacturing of seals and components up to 4.000 mm diameter
  • Supplying of gaskets in miscellaneous materials
  • Supplying of Advanced Engineering Plastics Products (AEPP)

Superior Manufacturing Concept


At Mohandesi Farapardaz Arvand (Seal Jet Iran)  we know that only state-of-the-art technology can provide us with an edge on our competitors. A rapidly changing environment demands new production concepts that surpass our customer’s requirements, such as:


  • Delivery on demand with short cycle times
  • No mould or tooling limitations
  • No stock requirements for our customers
  •  Seal engineering to customer specification

To face this challenge, we use a turnkey CNC-controlled seal production technology “Seal Jet”, which has been designed and developed originally by SKF Economos for producing of seals locally to satisfy the very specific needs of every customer, in every industry and to be close to the end customer.

With partnership from the design phase to serial production, Mohandesi Farapardaz Arvand (Seal Jet Iran)  is able to provide


  • just-in-time manufacturing of seals and components locally up to 640 mm diameter and 4000 mm diameter by cooperation with our business partner in Europe
  • more than 175 standard seals and tailor-made solutions
  • unique production process from machining the single piece to moulding high quantities
  • all seals in a wide range of materials covering tailor-made polyurethanes, standard and high performance elastomers as well as thermoplastics

We Mohandesi Farapardaz Arvand (Seal Jet Iran) also offer customers maintenance and repair of cylinders, gaskets and other products in miscellaneous materials.

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